The WIST Duo consists of saxophonist William Chien and guitarist Stefan Skrilecz. This new group formed as a result of a concert tour in 2015, tour throughout several countries, including Austria, France and Taiwan. This is WIST Duo's 1st EP album, it contains one commissioned composition "Formosa Fantasy" for the duo of saxophone and guitar by Taiwanese composer Che-Yi Lee, along with some other beautiful pieces such as Astor Piazzolla's "Ave Maria" and Ennio Morricone's famous movie theme "Gabriel's Oboe" from the movie "The Mission."Please contact William for purchase and information.

這張薩克斯風與吉他的二重奏EP,是留美薩克斯風演奏家錢威綸博士與奧地利吉他演奏家Stefan Skrilecz組成的WIST DUO所錄製的,裡面收錄了台灣名作曲家李哲藝特別為WIST DUO所寫精彩絕倫的「福爾摩沙幻想曲」,以及改編自法國作曲家易白爾,充滿異國風情的「間奏曲」,探戈教父皮耶佐拉極其優美的「聖母頌」,還有電影「教會」當中,扣人心弦的主題曲「Gabriel's Oboe」,都是值得一聽再聽的旋律,由薩克斯風與吉他的二重奏來重新詮釋,帶給大家完全不同的聆聽享受~另外,這張EP還附贈兩首Bonus Tracks,是「聖母頌」與「Gabriel's Oboe」的伴奏版本,可供任何樂器或是喜愛唱歌的朋友作為練習或表演用。



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